Winter in Hell (Joseon), part 1 of 2

Why they think it's so bad.

27th Jan

A word on morality

Long have I wrestled with what I suspect is largely an Occidental...

25th Aug
A word on morality

The English phantasm

The 50-some million members of this still-homogeneous society bear onerous inherited burdens...

08th Jul

On bodily fluids and enlightenment

Humans, like other products of that icky process of evolution, are rather...

06th Feb
Prostitutes. Essential equipment for obtaining enlightenment.

On the origins of pieces of shit

I remember telling my friend Eugene this ridiculous lie.

12th Nov
My grade-school sweetheart.

In defense of booze

Living in a country in which the closest thing to a national...

23rd Oct
Upsy daisy, boys and girls.

Traditions are bullshit

One 22-year-old student of mine described a forced blind date she had...

21st Sep
"This is Min-su. Your babies will be beautiful. And if they're not, he can afford the necessary procedures."

A short note on depression

Everyone feels like shit from time to time. That’s called being sad....

25th Jun
A short note on depression

How I learned to stop worrying and love the hagwon

It's important for kids to have an adult in their lives that they don't totally despise being around.

11th Jun
I'm falling asleep just looking at this picture.

A tirade on technology

The future has already kicked our ass.

30th Apr
I'd need a beer IV.