“It just is.”

So I asked this fleshy tub of a motherfucker I call me how he came to give a fuck about things ostensibly as harmless as nosejobs and tummy tucks, when by all rights he should be out warring, whoring and just generally having a dick. What was it? When did I start to care?

13th Jan
This fuckin thing.

New breed

It was a strange feeling being home for a month after spending...

10th Dec
It's places like this that make cities and interesting place to spend time.

New education

Should kids just teach themselves English? Sugata Mitra, an education theorist, argues...

23rd Oct
마메고마. The centerpiece of any good lesson.

Tis not often, I suspect,

that an article on Cracked produces a torrent of emotions in man,...

21st Jul
When I grow up, I want to be a consumer.

Being gainfully employed

for the better part of three years has dulled me somewhat to...

14th Jul
The government hasn't been much help.

It’s hard to be more than mildly surprised

by the scale and depth of NSA surveillance, don’t you think? I’ve...

19th Jun
They're not making urinal cakes here.

How to learn

This post by The Korean, a well-known blogger in Koreaphile circles, had...

23rd May
Memories look like this without some exercise.

The other economy

The booty business is big business on the peninsula.

10th May
It's not exactly and underground industry.

Welcome to 1958

Korea is just starting to emerge from its historical shell of culturally ingrained bigotry and sexism.

30th Apr


I feel like I should emphasize — if only for my future...

18th Apr